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Meaningful Feedback Workshop
Bringing Awareness and Cooperation


This is an invitation to a special workshop, which helps us deal with a  sensitive topic

  • How do we give feedback to one another in a way that invites listening and cooperation?

  • How do we bring clarity regarding what is really important and what we would like to see changed? how do we separate personnel issues from things which are relevant to our joint work?

  • How we you not get hurt?

  • How we you listen in a way that allows for joint growth and new wisdom to appear?

In short - how do we give meaningful feedback to each other and what does that even mean??

Meaningful Feedback is different and fresh way to play together

We are used to thinking in terms of appraisal; in the sense of evaluating each other.
But real feedback is not about what we think of one another. 

Feedback can be given on any situation that occurs to us. We can use it to learn in grow incrementally.

Feedback can be a valuable point of connection between us, with potential for learning and growth.

It can be a place of curious inquiry in relation to what is important to us in our relationship and joint work.

it can definitely be a completely different form of meeting and play between us.

 Meaningful Feedback Workshop

Based on non-violent communication

Let's go on a joint journey and learn together - 

Why feedback is a point of vulnerability

How to gain clarity - what is it that I really want to say? and how to express it in a way that holds my responsibility for what I feel and need and in the same time reduces resisstance and moves me to collaboration

Together we will learn practice.


Practical information

  • The workshop will take place on Zoom:
    Thursdays - 9/12, 16/12, 23/12. from 10:00 to 12:15.


  • The cost of the workshop is NIS 750.
    Registration fee - NIS 250 which will be refunded up to 5 days before the start of the workshop, after which it will not be refunded.
    And the rest of the payment at the end of the workshop.


  • Register for the workshop using this form -

Suitable for

 People who work in teams

Human directorates

Directors and Leaders
Both in the business field and in community spaces

And people in general...
Because we will all benefit from
an Organizational language of partnership
Improving the work of management and teams
Connection to organizational and personal needs

in routine situations and in crisis situations

Contact me to Learn more!
972-54-6336271 |
or us the form

Thank you for writing to me, we will be in touch


What Customers Say

"I contacted Inbar just before feedback meetings with the colleagues in our organization.
Already in one meeting of refining and understanding the change of language, a different approach of discourse, I was able to change the nature of the feedback meetings.

The atmosphere at the meetings, which used to be tense, became collaborative and open, the employees shared that instead of feeling like they were being tested, they received an invitation to initiate together and take part in the organization's growth."

Alex, Team Manager

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