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 Conversations that Lead to Change


A Dialog which Creates Something New

How effective and meaningful are your conversations as a team or a community?

Are you able to produce something new?

Are you able to ask the right questions? and gain meaningful insights or effective ways forward as a group?
Are you left with a sour taste from what's been said? and think there's nothing to do about it?

A fresh dialog which nurtures the relationships and helps identify ways forward

There's another option.
There is an option for connection and bonding, for a meaningful dialog which helps us to move together forward out of listening, even in moments of tension and uncertainty.


Conversations which include everyone, drive positive talks and create collective wisdom

A combination of social technologies and practical methods which allow you to connect to what's important to you and have a positive and beneficial talk. One which helps to observe reality as it is and identify our challenges and go through changes and transformations where they are needed. 

I'd be happy to facilitate such conversations for you, ones will create change, with the set of tools, skills and expertise I bring


Hi, I'm Inbar.

For about 20 years I worked in Israeli high-tech in a variety of roles, from small companies to big corporations. 

Today what drives me is the passion to help people find the way for optimal cooperation, and in my opinion NVC is an essential and inseparable part of that.

Contact me to learn more!
You can call 972-54-6336271
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