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The Art of Dialog 
Online and Onlife Training

Changing the way we communicate and experience life

From one circle to another  - I entered one person and came out another. 

I learnt to listen till the end, beyond simple words. I learnt to stay in dialog, even if for moments it's unpleasant, to speak my heart and meet beyond enemy images. I learnt how to fall in-love with people anew. 

With every practice of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) I started to see more deeply into my feelings and needs. I learnt to know myself better and take responsibility over what's alive in me and communicate it in a way that reduces shame and blame.

"An enemy is a person whose story you haven't heard yet" / Thich Nhat Hanh

Practicing Council Circles and NVC helped me transform the encounters I my surroundings to more connected and aware encounters. I just works, like magic.
This gift is what I want to give to the world. Increasing our ability and ways of listening to one another and the art of supportive dialog, enabling us to create connection and transform conflicts. 

For me this one of the major missions of our time. 
We have grown so much, that knowing one another profoundly is difficult. Life in western societies bring many opportunities, but also loneliness. Our current mission, as I understand it is to fall in love with one another, be part of communities.

So quickly blame and shame, talk out of anger, get upset, disconnect and unable to find a way forward together. Our mission is to see the good in one another and find wholeness together. 

How do we do that? for me, Council circles and NVC are the cure and answer. 

This program asks to change the way we experience one another everyday. To bring deeper understanding and healing. Something new can be achieved when we learn how to speak that which is important to us, without blaming others. 

Something new happens when we learn how to listen:

- Listen to ourselves and our needs compassionately.  Knowing how to name them, so they become a practical tool. 
- Listening to others in a way that can connect to what's alive in others emphatically, convert enemy images, and gain personal and shared resilience. 

Practicing Dialog and the art of Listening, breaking old habits. 
Training offers an overall of 10 practice sessions, which combine theory and hands-on exercises using the Council method and NVC. These 2 tools join hand in hand to generate change in every one of us and collectively as well. 

In times when our natural differences only grows, through possibilities and opinions, where listening and dialog are a rare commodity in a fast world, this journey asks to change out automatic patterns and create new, more whole ones.  

I invite communities and organizations who wish to take part in a deep change in our societies to join this wonderful path. 


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