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Personal Development and Growth

Devote Listening

"The goal is to combine the way of the council with our daily, emotional and spiritual life as a personal practice.

Not only when we are officially sitting in Council with the talking piece, but in every meeting whether it is personal, family or professional. The heart of Council is listening, and the fundamental essence of full and true empathetic listening that is non-judgmental and has acceptance of who people are and the way they express themselves.

Do we always succeed?


Not at all... Council is not a panacea for all the weak points of human nature. But the power of engaging in any spiritual practice is that it provides a center of gravity to which we can return when things unravel or fall apart."

Gigi and Marlo Hotchkins from the developers of the listening circuit -


My personal experience

For me, the Way of Council is a gateway to personal development.

This practice connected me to myself and with everything that is happening to me with others in a very deep manner.  Suddenly, I met all my thoughts, all my judgments about myself and others, with all the overt and covert criticism.

I also met all the places where I would like to be heard and I didn't allow myself the space, or I didn't dare to show vulnerability from fear of getting hurt, and also all the places where I wanted to speak something differently and .

From circle to circle, I changed. From circle to circle, the smoke screen dissipated and I began to see what I couldn't see before.
And then I couldn't go back and there was a deeper understanding about myself -
What is important to me?
What moves me into action?
How do I see things and categorize them in my head?

And how does it serve me and my loved ones?

From time to time, I publish personal development workshops through the listening circle through my
Facebook page. I invite you to follow and join when it feels right to you. 

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