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I hold the space for people to collaborate together out of joint purpose, flow, and individual and organizational growth

Nice to meet you, I'm Inbar.

For about 20 years I worked in cyber security space, fulfilling various roles -

Account management, Professional Services, Product management, Product marketing. In addition to these, I try to contribute to initiatives related to public service, sustainability, education, and community.

I love to listen to people. 

Working in a group (organization, company, community, family, relationship) for me anchors within it the highest development that humans can go through, the delicate pendulum movement between the self and the us.
For me, this is not just a spiritual principle, but a way of life.
As I learn and research, I am excited to discover new and old methods that allow people to collaborate optimally through free choice and dialogue.

The listening circle is such a spiritual-practical practice, as well as close communication (NVC), sociocracy (dynamic governance), and other methods, which I practice together as part of the joint process.

I am happy to be here. let's talk


How can I help you?

Thanks for writing to me, I'll be in touch

For people:
I believe that the qualities and values of the Council circle allow people to connect with themselves and the true essence of any organization they are members of. 

Drawing from this, my hope is to help people bring themselves fully into their common spaces, grow individually and connect to and find a path to a healthy and beneficial partnership for everyone. 

For organizations:
I hope to support the work of the team(s) in such a way that will allow values such as: trust, enjoyment, fulfillment, mutual respect, intimacy, reciprocity, transparency, sharing, and responsibility - to be present in the daily life of the organization, and strives to help organizations (small and large) discover their true vocation theirs and move to a place of doing good in the world.


For mother-nature:
I remember that we are all part of something bigger, so I will strive to protect the environment and nature in my work as much as I can.


my vision

"Search within yourself and you will find the world, search the world and you will find yourself"

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