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Companies and Organizations

Helping Leaders & teams collaborate 
out of connection to purpose, self organization and wholeness

Each organism has organs that act in coordination to achieve a certain goal and a multidimensional sensing ability that allows it to adapt itself  to the changing reality.

Let's imagine for a moment the team as a living organism.
The people, the interactions and how we work make up the whole organism. If we want the whole to function in a healthy and optimal way, nurturing the people and work processes is crucial. This is what I am paationate about!

Think of a team or group working together as a living organism - cells, organs complete systems working together


So, how do we do it?
How do we overcome our common challenges together, develop connection, team resilience, and success?

We hold the space together and answer key questions that provide clarity and build our processes
- Who are we as a team? What is our purpose?

- What can help us work optimally together?

- What challenges are currently present in our work and what can we do together to face them?

- How are my colleagues affected by my work and why is it important that we care?

- How do we make decisions and how do we treat tensions (or conflicts) that arise?
-How do we maintain a sense of individual and team wholeness?

We foster personal capability and team resilience 

- Transferring power and agency to the teams - the team knows what is right for them in order to succeed

- Cultivating personal abilities of each and every one, and our place within the team

- Strengthening the relationships and the desire for joint success

- Processing tensions in a healthy way, which allows for individual and collective growth

Urban Biking

Mentoring Managers and Teams

So how can I help you?

Using a variety of practices and methods, I help you connect to the true essence of your work together, and together find the path forward, both in everyday life and in times of challenge.

I would be happy to assist you to integrate processes which are based on clarity, trust, honesty and mutual care which together create cooperation .


המעבר לשיטות מבוססות אמון - להצליח ביחד

ארגונים מבוססי אמון, הם ארגונים (חברות, צוותים, קהילות ועוד), שמנוהלים על בסיס שיטות של אמון בשותפים שלי לדרך, בשקיפות ובשיתוף. מדובר בפרקטיקות מתקדמות, שמיושמות בארגונים קטנים וגדולים בעולם ושיש להן תוצאות מוכחות בשטח.

מעגל ההקשבה הוא האבא והאמא הרוחניים של ארגונים מבוססי אמון ונושא את התדר שלהם.

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