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Healing will only be found when within the individual's soul the whole community takes shape. And within the community, will live the power of the individual soul;
Rudolf Steiner

Community building, Shared vision, decision making and conflict mediation

Living in a community?
How complex is it for you?

Life in the community often present us with great challenges.
The relationship between ourselves and the community to which we choose to belong, can naturally be complex. We have different preferences, opinions, belief systems. T
ensions are built-in and sometimes make working together and taking decisions together a complex task.


Many times it seems that you have to choose a side. My side versus someone else's side. This leads to polarization, anger, disappointments and disengagement (temporary or permanent) from the shared space. Sometimes this actually leads to conflicts that have serious consequences for the community (social, financial, administrative).


Turning community life into meaningful connections with myself and others

Community life are not just tensions. It is not what I gain at the expense of others. On the contrary, community can be an opportunity for us.
An opportunity to see what is important to me and also what is important to others.
An opportunity to fulfill my values and needs also the values and needs of others.


A healthy community provides us with a sense of belonging, a search for meaning, support, and mutual guarantee. It allows us to grow as individuals, collaborate and promote values that are important to us in an efficient and effective way.

Image by Chloe Bolton

The path to a healthy community

So how do you balance what's important to me versus what's important to others? How do you make decisions in large groups in a way that will respond to those who are affected? What do you do when a conflict appears?

Move to work as a circle.

Council allows us to look deeply at who we are, as individuals and as a community. What is important to us?

How are we influenced by others and how do we influence others?

What would we like to happen to us as a community? What is the way we would like to implement?

How do we transform "enemy images" into of people, colleagues with needs equal to ours? How will we make decisions?

Working in the Council way, allows us to expand our perspective towards something that is greater than ourselves, a being-community that is greater than the sum of its parts.

How Can I Help

& conflict Resolution

Work Processes & Decision Making

Fostering meaningful connections

I help communities grow in 3 different areas

  • Fostering care and connection between the people of the communities 

  • Developing the suitable working methods and processes, including power distribution, self organization and decision making 

  • Tensions & conflict resolution, and practical inner-work, which leads to collaboration and awareness and wholeness.  


Teal Management

 Teal Management is an innovative management paradigm, which works on the principles of self-organization, evolutionary purpose and wholeness. 

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