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From Tension to Interaction
 Non Violent Communication to process tensions in our daily work and conflicts in the organization

Tensions and conflicts are part of collaboration

Tensions can be defined as gaps between the current state and the desired state. 
We all encounter tensions in our daily work, gaps between what is currently happening and where we want to be.  Sometimes it's a product of our reality and sometimes our different points of view and and opinions are generating these gaps. Either way, tensions are there.  

In the absence of ways to process our tensions in a healthy and constructive way, they can interfere with taking relevant decisions, paralyze us from moving forward, influence our relationships and even develop into real conflicts.Our ability to cooperate together for the shared purpose increases immensely by having a method to support us.  







NVC offers a clear model which helps us observe into what's alive in each and every one of us, with respect to a certain tension. It is a fresh form of looking at our daily interactions and being aware of our needs and the the needs of others, and then finding an effective way to move forward with our collective wisdom.

NVC offers the opportunity to have really honest and meaningful conversations, with positive self-expression and empathic listening capabilities. This has the potential to meet as many needs as possible and help our collaboration to be smooth, meaningful and smarter.

NVC is especially effective for teams working with Holacracy and Sociocracy, as it provides a solid foundation that supports self-managed work.


Non Violent Communication (NVC) allows us to experience tensions in a fresh way, work with them to make smarter decisions and grow as individuals and teams. 

What can be learned via NVC?

NVC as a path to meaningful information and personal and organizational fulfillment

  • How to treat the events that happen to us during our joint work in a way that is free from interpretations

  • How to get clear about our needs

  • How to listen to the needs of others so that it doesn't generate frustration

  • How to make clear requests (proposals in Sociocracy and Holacracy)

I invite you to take a bold step forward, and learn how to work with tensions in your organization


Hi, I'm Inbar.

For about 20 years I worked in Israeli high-tech in a variety of roles, from small companies to big corporations. A Holacracy and Sociocracy practitioner, Facilitator and coach. 

One of the key things that drive my work is the passion to help people find the way for optimal cooperation, and in my opinion NVC is an essential and inseparable part of that.

Who is it for?

Business partnerships


Companies and organizations

  • Creating a culture of partnership and Wholeness

  • Improving work

  • For routine situations and in times of crisis

How to proceed?

It's up to you.

It is possible to do one-time daily workshops, or a few sessions, in person or over Zoom. 

The choice of the right path for you will be made after an introductory conversation between us and an understanding of your specific needs and the organization or community you represent.


What Customers Say

"I contacted Inbar just before feedback meetings with the colleagues in our organization.
Already in one meeting of refining and understanding the change of language, a different approach of discourse, I was able to change the nature of the feedback meetings.

The atmosphere at the meetings, which used to be tense, became collaborative and open, the employees shared that instead of feeling like they were being tested, they received an invitation to initiate together and take part in the organization's growth."

Alex, Team Manager

Contact me to learn more!
You can call 972-54-6336271
or using the form


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