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Getting to know TEAL Management

1st blog in the series

Teal organizations are a relatively new type of organizations that have emerged in the last 20-30 years and are organizations with a new consciousness and advanced management methods.

The term TEAL management was first coined by Frederic Laloux, who for several years studied and researched such organizations, as described in his book "Reinventing Organizations".

Laloux describes the development process of human organization throughout history from "red" organizations (small tribes, whose security is based on loyalty to the leader) to most advanced organizations Laloux encountered and coined TEAL organizations. Organizations which are organizations based on 3 breakthroughs: Evolutionary purpose, Self Management and Wholeness .

These are people who have organized themselves around a shared goal*, and whose approach to the joint work is an approach based on teamwork, self management, transparency and inner wholeness. *A shared purpose can be a business, community or social goal.

Laoux's book Reinventing Organizations is considered the most meaningful book in the last decade and is a milestone in understanding the essence of such organizations and the wy they operate. The following video provides a good quick overview of the content f the book.

TEAL Management is completely different to anything we knew before. TEAL Management introduces 3 main breakthroughs in how people collaborate and work together:

  1. Self-Organization or Self-Management: Every person or team are autonomous and manage themselves under a a defined role. The power and hierarchy are distributed in the organization and people are responsible for achieving their goals based responsibility and passion for the purpose and work.

  2. Wholeness - that is the ability t show up fully into the work that we do together. TEAL organization incorporate practices that support us in self development and inner work so that we can collaborate from a place of awareness.

  3. Evolutionary Purpose - that is the mission that organization wished to accomplish.

Each breakthrough represents a whole world of nuances and details, which I will review over the next blogs. TEAL organizations themselves differ from one another in the lelvel of adoption in each breakthrough. Here are a few examples you can visit:

There are many more companies and communities worldwide who operate with TEAL practices., and more are joining as time passes by. In this blog series I give an overview of this new management paradigm and also explains how, for me, all of this relates to the Way of Council. The 2nd blog will review Self-Organization aspects and what that means for the organization. You are welcome to come along :)


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