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Evolutionary Purpose

4th blog in the series

The previous blog covered the 2nd breakthrough of Teal Management organizations - the concept of Wholeness. This blog will deal with the 3rd and final breakthrough - Evolutionary Purpose. Every organization is a life force, an energy field, a common entity in itself that has a purpose to fulfill in the world. The people who take part in the organization, are all engaged in order to help achieve this goal, help the mission come true.

The evolutionary purpose defines its meaning for the organization - What is the purpose of existence of this organization in the world? - What is it here for? - What did we come together to do?

A evolutionary purpose is not just a goal. For example -

  • Be the best at…

  • Sell X amount of money per quarter…

  • Eliminate the competition…

All of these are not purposes and are not the life force behind TEAL organizations.

An organization's true mission should serve broad human and ecological values, and they constitute the greatest force for the growth and drive of the organization.

Examples of an emerging vocation can be found, for example, in the following organizations: 1. Buurtzorg - a Dutch company in the field of community nurses, defined its purpose as follows: "Help nursing patients become healthy and autonomous". 2. Patagonia - a company in the field of sports clothing: "Use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis". 3. FAVI - a company in the field of manufacturing copper components for the automotive industry, defined two goals

a) "to provide good work in the Lancourt area". b) "is to give and receive love from customers".

You can see that the designation defines a high goal and it is possible that it will not define the "how to do it" at all .Organizations that have defined a mission for themselves, will move from thinking based on self-ego and self-preservation of the organization (we will be first in... we will bring in more money...), to thinking about doing good in the world, to a consciousness of abundance, and to a sense of agency.

Purpose is tightly linked to self-organization.

The purpose is actually the 'Chief in command" of the entire organization. Everything we do we do to fulfill the mission, while maintaining ethics and morals.

Every decision I make is supposed to serve and help fulfill the purpose. Does what I intend to do serve the purpose faithfully ? Or maybe I'm acting out of my ego?

The next and final blog covers how in my view all this relates to the Way of Council method and paradigm.


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