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The secrets of listening workshop for couples
7 sessions, Tuesdays 19:30-22:00
Kibbutz together, Mashgav

listen to the relationship

This is an invitation to give space and attention to our relationship 

You are invited to an in-depth workshop of 7 sessions where we will practice a new way to open heart to heart 
with our spouse




Relationship is such a sensitive and delicate thing.
One moment we flow together and the next something happens, something is thrown into the air and the heart closes and moves away. 
Then wait until it passes. 
Sometimes we talk a little, sometimes not at all. 
And when we talk - it doesn't always manage to reach the deep places, the ones that really resonate with us.


You are invited to experience the experience of the couple listening circle

A listening circle is a type of conversation, a meaningful and deep conversation.
The circle of listening allows us to bring awareness to the way we communicate and behave within our relationships. This is an opportunity to listen to the common voice of the couple.

Through the circle we will practice four qualities of conversation, which have the power to change the dynamics of the relationship:

  • Speaking from the heart - talking about myself in the first person, about what is important to me, how the world looks from my point of view

  • Listening from the heart - the ability to listen to my son. This daughter is mine without judgment, to pause a response, to listen beyond the words

  • The adjustment - to distill things, to speak focused and concise

  • Spontaneity - to connect here and now, to be present

We will connect the marital listening circle to non-violent communication and learn a new language to connect to myself and the partner.

Intimate communication is a language of connection and awareness - connection to what lives and unfolds within me and connection to others and what unfolds within them, and awareness of how to bring it to expression.

Close communication teaches us to pay attention to our needs and those of others, and to look at our feelings as markers of meaningful information. When we learn to bring awareness to our needs and feelings along with working on our judgments and thoughts, then a new world of connection from the heart and an abundance of options that provide answers will open up.

Together we will bring connection, laughter, play, depth, closeness and compassion to the relationship :)

The work in the workshop is in pairs and in groups
The workshop is limited to 5 couples

What will we experience in the workshop?

A workshop that is a gem of beneficial knowledge for relationships and life in general

  • the pair listening circle technique

  • The language of closer communication and the way in which it can be present in your relationship

  • We will practice meaningful conversations, reflection, we will touch on conflicts, we will practice connection to love and gratitude, a couple vision

  • We will practice presence, here and now

  • We will practice connection before solving and openness to the happiness of options that will answer as many needs as possible

  • We will practice the ability to share what lives in us, as much as we feel comfortable, with a group of people, who all came for the same goal

  • We give attention to our most significant partner in life :)

  • We will gather common circle wisdom


on me

Nice to meet you, I'm Amber :)
Attenuator of listening circuits and close communication. 
Designs participatory leadership processes and supports trust-based management. 


In a long and teaching relationship with Eitan, mother of three exciting girls who are teachers of life, socially and environmentally active. 

I invite you to walk with me on the path I walked, to discover together the secrets of listening.

To add color and flavor to life, softness and closeness, precision and presence.

I am here for you.

The cost of the workshop

- The cost of the workshop is NIS 1,400 per couple for the 7 sessions. 

- The cost of registering for the workshop is NIS 250, and the rest of the payment will be at the end of the workshop.

- Can be divided into 3 payments.

For details and contact

Thanks! I will contact you soon

For registration and inquiries, leave details
or call

On the essence of deep listening

What is listening? And why is it important?

True listening is the ability to momentarily suspend everything I think I know, all my thoughts and judgments about the current situation and simply be with what is happening.

This pause can allow something new to be born.
New thoughts, new insights, a new connection with people in my life (relationship, family, community, work) 
- which could not have been created without the deep listening.

And this type of listening can be learned.
For the most part, this is not something we encounter on a daily basis - usually our discourse is a very reactive discourse, one in which there is a ping-pong between the speaker and the listener and vice versa. But it is possible otherwise.

You are invited to practice the ability to listen to yourself and others in a new way, and also the ability to express yourself in an authentic, honest, and focused way, one that is connected to the heart. You are welcome to experiment and see how it resonates in your life.

The secrets of listening to couples
7 sessions, Tuesday evenings

For registration and inquiries - 0546336271

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